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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Inspired by Ms. Kris: My humble abode what keeps me home ^_^

As the saying goes, "there is no place like home", but I believe that I am in the best place in the world when I am in my room! :) A place where I can just be, to relax, to rest or to reflect.

Ever since I saw the interiors of Ms. Kris Aquino's home in the September issue of Yes Magazine, I have always longed to redecorate my room similar to her's. Not of course in the exact same way because first of all I don't have the budget hehe, let me just get that clear. :)

I just wanted it to exude the same splash of colors and feminine touch. Although my favorite color is pink, I liked how purple, red and green were combined together with some touches of pink on the side. It looks very modern yet elegant, I like how it seemed to reflect the character of the lady of the house.

So I tried to incorporate items which includes colors like what I saw in the magazine, my bed sheet has a touch of green and purple, the stuff toys as well, but since pink is my favorite color, my curtains were pink and pretty much the rest of the other stuffs. Perhaps it may not look exactly the same but nonetheless I am happy with the result and I can feel that the I was able to successfully apply my inspiration.

Here it is :)

The 2nd, 3rd and 4th photos were that of Ms. Kris Aquino's home as shown in Yes Magazine (Sept. 2010 issue- pp 48 ,82 and 62 respectively).

Yes Magazine cover from:

Cynthia Almario (co-owned by her sister Ivy) of Atelier Almario handled the renovation of the two units owned by Ms. Kris in One Roxas Triangle in Makati :)

My room starts from here ^_^

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