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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

I miss SBCA-School of Law :)

Today like any regular day of the week, I woke up, had a cup of coffee and raisin bread; but somehow it seemed that an angel whispered to my ear, make a phone call the one that you've been dreading to do.

It's been several months since I left Alabang to come home, to rest, to edit my paper and to just stay home. When I left, I left and did not come back just yet. I didn't make a call either to check if my grades were already released. I thought I'll wait till it all come out.

That day is today and I am so thankful to the Lord for sending me the good news. I passed in all my subjects except for one LTD (Land, Titles and Deeds) :) But as the saying goes, one cannot have it all. I passed all the others which include, Property, Sales, Negotiable Instruments, Criminal Procedure, Election Law and Banking. I am really grateful because this does not happen all the time. In some cases, failed subjects are at least two or three, sometimes even more.

Suddenly I really miss the Beda, Alabang community. I miss being a law student. The school, the streets, my friends and classmates, the professors and even the staffs. It is not a perfect place of course, not in a utopian kind of way but it is a very good community which encourages growth and development. I have realized that unlike other people I am not the type that does not work very well under pressure, and Beda, Alabang provides that for those who wish to become lawyers but not necessarily racing their way to the bar. I realized that the study of law is like drinking wine, the more slowly you take your sip, the more you enjoy it, the better it gets.

To me without any bias or whatsoever, even if I have only been there for a semester it is one of the best places to be. The academic environment is truly inspiring, the students help each other; and the professors despite the hardships and challenges they cause us, they are very motivating and they teach just as how professors should be.

Truth of the matter is, as of now, I still have doubts if the field of law is really for me... But what transpired today is a great motivation, to do better, to not give up.

For the meantime, I still have my paper to finish, this occasion is just a great event. It somehow uplifted my tired spirit, I can tell myself somehow that despite all my setbacks in the past, despite all my doubts I actually did something good :)

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