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I am a BA/ MA History graduate from the University of the Philippines, Diliman. Presently enrolled at San Beda Alabang-School of Law. I was a full-time faculty from Miriam College High school and currently a professor of History at San Beda Alabang. Advocate for the environment and co-convener of Share The Road Movement in Metro Manila. I am an optimist, I believe in the goodness of every person and of every thing. Very passionate, sensitive but strong willed. Love the color pink in all shades. Love to write, to paint, to take pictures, to laugh and most of all I love to love! Cest' La Vie!

Wednesday, July 29, 2015


A silent voice murmuring, “Try once more”
But an overwhelming fear yells out, “no more”
Persuading, encouraging, “push a little more” said the voice
But discouragement argues, “you are pushing against the wall”

The voice then again said, “there is always another chance”
But disappointment screams, “it’ll happen again”
Persistently, insistently, from the voice “each day is a new beginning”
But ego and pride disputes, “It is always the same”

The voice a bit more loudly said, “I am with you”
And loneliness responded, “you are left behind”
Lovingly and tenderly, the voice said “You are not alone”
But cynicism argued, “You are on your own”

That final statement reminded me… of my real identity
Victorious I am made by my Father in Heaven
The Blood of Christ poured out for me
Among the voices, I heard clearly the Authority

To try once more, push a little more,
There is always another chance, each day is a new beginning
I am with you, You are not alone
“God is with me, on this battle, He will guide me to destiny. 

Written and created by: Valerie May M. Cruz
July 30, 2015

Beyond the Borders

At night I lie awake tossing and turning
In the day I escape to daydreaming
Wandering thoughts come away fleeting
Beyond the borders do you think of me?

In the morning, a cup of coffee, sipping, savouring
At night a cup of tea, soothing and relaxing
But my spirit is restless, marveling, travelling
Beyond the borders do I cross your mind?

The music is playing, I find myself swaying and humming
Conversations are light, I find myself talking and laughing
But I am hearing nothing, my ears reaching out a far
Beyond the borders do you do you feel my heart?

Reading, phrasing beautiful words rhyming
Writing, engraving, strings of lyrics on my page
But my mind is like a clean white leaf, blank, empty
Beyond the borders, Am I included in your list?

There you maybe, on a faraway place
Under the orange and blue sky of misty haze
Elsewhere you may be beyond the blue ocean lace
But beyond the borders and back, in my heart you have a place.

Written and Created by: Valerie May M. Cruz
July 30, 2015