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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Enter the Water Dragon, 2012!

Welcome Year of the Water Dragon! In celebration of the Chinese new year festivities we enjoyed some dimsum, dumplings and tea for dinner. Feeling gracious for the meal but with a very heavy belly it kept me awake till the wee hours of the night.

On the eve of the holiday I made some cleaning up of my dresser, throwing away old make up, nail polish and etc that clutter my "prettifying corner'. It feels good to see it nice and neat, makes me want to wake up and get up early.

New Year came a little early for me this year, caught in between thoughts (of wanting to be/ not wanting to be) and being sick my realizations came a little late but just in time for this special holiday. Chinese tradition is very rich and it is a great part of our Filipino tradition. I have very high respect and appreciation for their influence and I am glad that there are positive predictions for my sign this year. ^_^ I am keeping my spirits high that indeed it will be a good year for me.

Top 12 realizations at 25

1. I may be sociable but I am really an introvert, hence after mingling in the day I need some lonely hour or so at night to charge up.
2. I like staying home I am very homebound. I think I am a closet full-time housewife want to be :)
3. I like fancy and cute stuffs but not necessarily the branded or expensive ones.
4.My things consist mostly of pinks and reds, I love both color so much.
5. I love to eat more than my desire to be sexy- I'll just go for healthy. Eating is fun!
6. I don't work well under pressure, I'll just go for slowly but surely.
7. I care about what people thinks, sometimes too much. This needs some working on.
8. I miss my old job: Once a teacher, always a teacher- by heart :)
9. My father and I actually clicks, he is cool just as my mother.
10. Love conquers all. Be it in family, friendship or relationship.
11.A love without chains will never have to break free.
12. Life is good, but much better if lived with a close relationship with God. Life with Him makes it complete.

Hey it's only January, there's more for February. :)

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