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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Mamaterial Girl!- My collection of accessories :)

I made it my plan that today I'll sort out my cabinet and evaluate the things I have accumulated over the years. I've been away from home for such a long time that this is the only opportunity I have to fix and rearrange them.

It was like a therapy, I was able to reconnect with many of my old things. Those things that I've forgotten I have. I am a woman of bags, accessories and etc. Simplicity isn't really my style when it comes to my fashion statement. I like dangling earrings, big rings, bangles and gold jewelries.

Perhaps this can be attributed to some of my favorite fashion icons like Elizabeth Taylor, Sarah Jessica Parker, Beyonce and Jennifer Lopez. I like to put things together that doesn't really go together but somewhat creates a statement once your done. I believe that fashion need not to be expensive, I appreciate accessories of all sort. What is important is that it is an expression of your style and it adds up to your confidence and self-esteem.

I am also not afraid of heights, I love heels and studded flat forms. I also love gladiator sandals and alike. These things have somewhat became a part of me I'll often be seen with them. To me these are my things that make it really fun being a girl! ^_^

Putting these up is just something I really enjoyed doing today, it feels great to know that your stuffs are organized or somewhat at least hehe, hope I can keep it neat for a while :)

My collection of sandals and shoes

I have soft spot for anything pink specially bags :)

Dooney and Bourke bags :)
Thanks to my Aunties from US for sending these.
I love using them when I am wearing Jeans

Basic Blacks!
These are must haves because it can carry my heavy readings, 
my laptop and law books

Party bags

small shoulder bags, I usually use big ones but these are 
also must haves :)

My collection fashion earrings, ever since my I grew my hair long
I love wearing these

I also love handcuff bracelets and charm bracelets

I love to pair my big earrings with one of these
and I am good to go

Can never go out without a watch :)

I love gold accessories, even if most think that it is more for
mature age, I've been used to wearing them from my younger years:)
an influence by my mother

eyeglasses, I love red frames and sunglasses 
to protect eyes from sunlight and of course
it adds detail to any fashion statement!

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