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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Love Affair With Color Pink :)

Just some random taughts... :)

As the 25th celebration of my birthday comes closer in each day, my love for pink becomes insatiable. In fact as a gift to myself I planned on getting pink curtains to match with almost all the pink stuffs in my room.

Pink? what is with this color that makes me so attracted to it. I remember in my younger years, I never liked this color. In fact I am intimidated by it as reflected perhaps by my insecurities in terms of capabilities and physical appearance as a youngster. I find this color to be too pretty, girly, and dainty. I have always been vertically and horizontally challenged, my hair was thick and unruly and I was morena hence I had a feeling back then that anything bright or colorful will make me bigger and darker. I went for black, brown or grey anything that is neutral. Anything perhaps that would make me unnoticeable in the crowd. This went on until about high school. My character may have evolved, I may have became more proactive and gained friends whom I still cherish to this day but at that time I still went for the safer colors, never pink.

When I got into college, perhaps moving into the metropolis I started to gain greater confidence in myself. I became more expressive, willing to experiment with my fashion sense and with the things that I really like, my eyes started to get attracted to violet. Any shade of it in fact, purple, lavender, lilac or any other shade that closely resembles this color I started to like. I remember the room in my dorm during these time was almost all purple, even the motif of my debut was lavender. As my perchance for lighter shades grew, I notice a sort of evolution to my personality as well. From the shy, timid and insecure person I once was in my elementary days and to a certain extent in my high school days I became more vibrant, no longer insecure, I embraced my difference among others. Instead of being insecure I learned to appreciate the beauty of others. I realized confidence, is beautiful as well, confidence that is assertive but not arrogance.

At the time I started college in the university,that was when it all started, from lavender or purple I suddenly started to like pink. It started as some kind of friendship that blossomed into a love affair which can turn my mood from low to high and from sad to happy. It was also the point that my character changed into some one who used to be lonely and shy into someone who is very extroverted and jolly. Suddenly I became someone who is vibrant, jolly, funny and full of optimism. A character I proudly carry to this day even if I am already in law school.

The point I am getting at perhaps is that there is a some sort of relationship between a person's personality and the color that he or she loves. My mother noticed the change as well and sometimes she associates my change to the fact that I am in love. Yes, perhaps, Patrick, my boyfriend to this day literally painted color to my life. This is not to say of course that one has to have a love life in order to be colorful, definitely not. Happiness is very subjective and neither should it be dependent on one person. But in one way or another there is always that cause or reason which suddenly brings us to life or someone or something that makes us more vibrant and lively. As our actions manifest on it sometimes even our choices in colors as well, imagine from someone who hates pink before to someone who likes it as I do now, there must be an internal change within me that made me like this color. A change in attitude, a change of perspective, a change of heart... something.

My love affair with color pink, is something that I am just as thankful for the music. Now that I am turning 25, just as I believe that pink helped me turn into a more optimistic person I am now, with still some inevitable mood swings here and there,but generally still optimistic I hope that my love for this color will last even in another 25 more years. Something I would like to share with my kids or grandchildren. Pink for me is love, it is happiness. With this I can therefore say that I am pink and proud! :)

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