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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Hello 25!

***Bday present from Nonoys***

Here goes 25 years, life happens so fast, either it was too fast or perhaps I just enjoyed the ride. Since today is my birthday, I took a pause to recall what have happened in the past 25 years. I just jotted briefly in bullets what I can remember in each year spontaneously. For all the triumphs, and defeats, and the silent times in between, thank you Lord God for everything, to the coming years, hopefully to the next 25 more, la vie est belle :)

1986: 0- Birth; my mother participated in the EDSA People Power not knowing at the time that I was already in her womb
1987: 1- from age 1 to 2 I really don’t think that I have any recollection yet.
1988: 2- they said that I giggle a lot whenever I see Birchtree Milk commercial.
1989: 3- age that I started to have some sort of recollection; first in mind is a lady always on our TV set, with very short and curly hair with big glasses, must be former Pres. Cory, my parents always watched the news, having no siblings, they were my only company. I remember being fond of Cindy's spaghetti and as well as their playpen
1990: 4- Kindergarten; Most Behave Awardee, back in the days when I was less verbose :)
1991: 5- Mt. Pinatubo, I thought that the ashes were snow; learned how to read
1992: 6- FVR became the President
1993: 7- Grade 1-My first birthday celebration at Shakeys, first pair of red shoes
1994: 8- Grade 2- first crush with a classmate, apple cut for hairstyle; I started thinking that someday I wanted to become a lawyer
1995: 9- In Grade 3, I have no idea why I was elected class muse hehe, I had my first period. I met my two best friends for life Emma and Red
1996: 10- Grade 4 from having straight hair, my waves started to develop, I started keeping a journal
1997: 11- Summer, first time to travel abroad, from Japan connecting flight to US and an accidental short landing in Alaska on our way back to the Phil. due to engine trouble- I fell in love with NYC
1998: 12- Grade 6, was class president, got my first heels only two inches
1999: 13- First Year High, challenging years, character formation, 1st time to receive a love letter hehe. Loved wearing pearls. 1st time to write a poem, was very poor in math
2000: 14- Second Year High, class president again hehe, collected plenty of pocket books, I gave up on math
2001: 15- Third Year High, still class president, I started to really like Social Studies as a subject and so as English
2002: 16- Breaking Groundz Concert Youth Ministry Project, singing became my passion, my musical director said that I sounded like Jaya, I met my life-long high school friends till this day; Girl Scout Camping unforgettable
2003: 17- Miriam College Years, opening of many doors, Dormitoryana years in Katipunan
2004: 18- cut my hair really short like a boy’s haircut. Journey in UP began, my memorable 18th B-day Celebration at SBYC, loved color purple, member of NBSB( No Boyfriend Since Birth) hehe – 1st time to be a College Scholar; first time to vote, first heart break
2005: 19- I met Patrick, my 1st boyfriend and still is up to this day, no longer member of NBSB hehe, first time to ride in the LRT, I started to really like the color pink
2006: 20- No longer in the teen bracket, officially became member of LIKAS, first time to own a Dalmatian :)
2007: 21- started sporting Bob cut, really enjoyed college years both socially and academically :)
2008: 22- Centennial Graduation, first job as MCHS faculty; applied for MA program
2009: 23- continued with MA;applied in law schools, Beginnings was published at PDI’s Young blood
2010: 24- Summer a challenging year to our family; entered law at Beda, Manila; 2 poems were published in "2011 Bucketlist'; very gratetful to the Lord for Daddy's recovery and continiously getting better and better each day :)
2011: 25- second year law at Beda, Alabang (currently on leave); preparing for defense of thesis next year
2012: 26- Que Sera, Sera what ever will be will be, the future is not ours to see, que sera sera, what will be, will be :) Anything is possible! :)
“Cherish every blessing that you hold, aimlessly seek for what’s still untold,
take little steps slowly at a time and enjoy every moment like riddles that rhyme.”- from a poem called 'Time' by Vmmcruz

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