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Friday, January 24, 2014


The year 2014 will be victorious
2014 is Victor.
Victor is my friend.
I declare in the name of Jesus! 2014 will be victorious
I read from somewhere that one good way to begin the year is to give it a name.
Come up with words that will serve as your banner to help you achieve your goals for the entire year.
Because I hope to conquer fears and overcome challenges for this year, I am naming 2014 "Victor" from the word "victorious" and "victory".

I hope to conquer and overcome not by my own strength but with the strength the Lord has given through His grace, His mercy and and His love.
For my banner I am choosing Valuable, Victorious and Vivacious inspired by the first letter of my name Valerie.
This year I hope to grow deeper in faith.
Less of myself as God increases in my life.
I have decided to follow Jesus and there is no turning back.
By recognizing Jesus' blood in resurrected form, the one who shed blood for you and I, for the world He will reveal Himself to us.
And therefore in name of Jesus, I leave my past, and let its ashes become glorious ruins where the life of Jesus Christ will become resurrected in me.

Therefore I declare,
"I am valuable because God Our Father loves me."
"I am virtuous because I have decided to follow Jesus."
"I am vivacious because the Holy Spirit moves in me."

This year is the year to conquer fears and following dreams. This year will be victorious in Jesus name all in His Honor and in His glory.

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