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Friday, August 26, 2016


Ever since I was a little girl, the walk down the aisle is something that I have imagined over and over again, the kind of gown that I will be wearing, the candles on the aisle and most of all, that moment when you and your fiancĂ© will look at each other and say to yourself, silently, this is no longer just a dream, “this is for real.”

San Roque Parish, SBMA

by Happy Hailey Events

by Hapy Hailey Events

Since my dad is already in heaven my two handsome uncles; Tiong Coy and Tiong Romy were the ones who walked me to the church door.

My Uncles, Uncle Romy and Uncle Cocoy

Truth be told, my walk down the aisle is less than perfection, it was actually comedic.
It reminds me of the wedding of Charlotte and Harry from the HBO series, Sex and the City. My veil was sliding on and off my head, my train caught fire from one of the candles and because I didn’t practice with the gown, I almost tripped several times. Some of our guests from the back started assisting me on the carpet some whom I can recall were Ate Yolly, Ate Joy, Auntie Mel, Auntie Beng and Tita Tina one of my ninangs. It was hilarious.

To all the people who helped me with my walk thank you very much. If only I can enumerate everyone, my sincere thank you to all.
My Mom somewhere in the middle of the aisle walked me to Patrick, Patrick gave my mom a kiss on the cheek and so did I to Tita Susan.

The moment I held on Patrick’s hand upon reaching the altar, I told myself finally. It was a relief.
The challenge I experienced on my way to the aisle reminded of the very rocky and challenging path Patrick and I took before we got married.

After 8 years of being together, we broke up for a period of 4 years. It is a long time, long enough to change a person. I had a relationship and he too were involved with another girl. The gap in between, almost completely severed our ties.

But somehow, faith brought us back together again. Destiny has a way of unfolding you can’t really escape it, there is a so called invisible hand. I must give it to Patrick, Patrick never gave up on love. I guess when a man is decided about something they are stern about it. Getting back together is like coming home, suddenly there is peace in my life; like something was right. It was a very Patrick and Valerie kind of moment just like One More Chance of Popoy and Basha. 

In between our ceremony, I kept thinking what other people thought, could they be laughing, I was conscious until Msgr. Crisostomo Cacho, our presiding priest said, in Filipino “Nang maglakad si Valerie marami ang mga tumulong sa kanya, ibig sabihin marami silang magiging katuwang sa kanilang buhay mag-asawa. Marami ang tutulong sa inyong pagsasama.” (When Valerie walked down the aisle, many helped here, it only means that many people will assist then in their married life. A lot of people will support you in your union.)

It touched my heart. I was suddenly reminded of the beautiful occasion that gathered not just Patrick and I but the people who were with us to witness our wedding.
Instead of focusing on my less than perfect walk, I was reminded that relationships including marriage is not meant to be perfect. It is meant to be real, with challenges, with obstacles and the victories that come after conquering each challenge and obstacle together. Perhaps there was a reason why we had to be apart so that when we find each other again we already knew how it was not being together. We knew ourselves better. Lessons were learned.

After everything we have been through, I can say that, “mayroon forever,” (there is forever). In marriage you must believe that there is and forever does not happen without effort from both parties, it is forever until death do us part.

And in our case, it is only the beginning of that forever. Overwhelming as it may be but we have a solid foundation not based on people but a promise to God, the creator of forever, THE ONE WHOSE TIME IS ETERNAL; and if God is with you both, who can be against you?

Photo credit: DAYLITE STUDIO, Olongapo City

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