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Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Discovering Painting

Somewhere in time before life became more serious, writing poetry and painting were my hobbies as a child. There is something about these two mediums that are so liberating, no censorship, no offense, simply art.

To quote Pablo Picasso, "every child is an artist, the problem is staying an artist when you grow up." Somewhere in the process of growing up, some passions need to be set aside to give way to the roles we need to perform as members of the society. In my case that is to be a law student and a professor.
Poetry allows you to express yourself through strings of words, whether it makes sense or not for others, you get to release every bit of emotions and suppressed thoughts into a lyric of words. After which it creates its own life and immortalized in its form, what was once part of you is released and there is a sense of joy that you produced something. Like a child which is a product of both your mind and soul.

Now in my late twenties I have a rekindled a love affair with painting.

I don't have a professional background other than my art history classes taken up in college but there is something in painting that I find just as liberating in poetry. You get to express yourself through colors and lines and pigments of your own choice.

Thanks to some of the greatest forefathers of Modern Painting such as Pablo Picasso and Roberto Dali, artists and people who have passion in the arts may now express their arts without any restriction and inhibition.

To quote Salvador Dali, "Have no fear of perfection, you'll never reach it." And this is exactly what I yearn to pursue in painting joy even in time of imperfection. The broken lines and the all pigments in painting need not be perfect but it is the whole painting the whole process that makes it beautiful.

As member of the academe, I am very grateful because as a teacher I still get to study things I want to learn about whether inside or outside the classroom.

Since it is summer time, I employ myself as my own teacher, hoping to harness in me some skills in painting. I don't intend to be a professional painter but I do want to have a re-birth as an artist, someone who has a passion for painting not because I get something from it but because it produces something in me, a wonderful thing that I get to share with the world and with the people I care about.

Below are some of my favorite humble works so far. A product of my imagination inspired by other artists of which I am trying to learn about.

Red White & Gold Series

Red White & Gold Series

Red White & Gold Series

Three Flowers
Water Color Painting

Three Faces
Influenced by Picasso and Dali

Red White & Gold Series

Inspired by Picasso's Blue Nude in 1902

Drawing using charcoal
Inspired by artworks from Etsy
Trying to apply Matisse's style in nude drawings

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